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Your Results Focused Digital Performance Marketing Team

Who We Are

Ad-Gen puts years of proven digital performance marketing experience to work for businesses of all shapes and sizes looking to generate more return on investment out of their online marketing budget.

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What We Do

Your business can benefit from our diverse online marketing products and services to help you maximize online conversions, improve online visibility and establish a long-term, results driven digital performance marketing plan.

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How We Do It

Our proven success is derived from our VIP Philosophy: Vision combined with Implementation leads to Performance. Our first priority is to understand your Vision so we can put together an action plan to drive results.

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Discover the VIP Treatment.

Ad-Gen will develop a customizable digital performance marketing action plan for your business based off of your vision.  Our VIP Philosophy is that Vision combined with Implementation leads to Performance.  Our team of Certified Google Partners will implement and test all aspects of your action plan to ensure that your Vision leads to Performance and meaningful results.

Our Services



    Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. Are you getting everything you need from all of these channels?



    Generate more traffic to your YouTube videos and transform them from good to great viral content



    Our designers can create stunning designs that will look great on mobile, tablets and desktops



    Since mobile has taken over desktops, has your marketing plan made the right changes?



    Get found when your clients search online and take advantage of this powerful advertising tool



    Whether your goal is conversions or awareness we can help you maximize your ROI on Display


Digital marketing has become increasingly challenging, with every internet advancement making online marketing more complex and involved. At Ad-Gen, though, we make it easy to market your business online. As the internet’s evolved, we’ve been there every step of the way — predicting, adapting and growing.

For years, we’ve been helping businesses of all sizes reach people by promoting their companies online. Let us help you, too. No matter what your digital marketing needs are, we have a full team of professionals ready to go to work for you. Here’s what we’re doing for our customers, and what we could do for you:

  • Dominate Search Rankings

    Make sure prospective clients are coming to your site, and not your competitors', by dominating the search results. Our experts will research search terms and identify the top ones for your company to target. Then, we'll get you in the top spot for those terms, so customers come to you.

  • Profit from Paid Ads

    Complement your organic search rankings efforts with paid ads. We'll help you identify terms to target, design optimized ads and draft a budget or your paid search advertising efforts. Of course, we'll closely monitor every aspect of your campaigns, always seeking to identify areas where they can be improved and made more efficient.

  • Make the Most of Mobile Ads

    Mobile advertising is becoming more important every day. Mobile devices continue to become the preferred method of perusing the internet, and they give your company unprecedented access to customers. Reach people wherever they are, whenever they're using their mobile devices. We'll make sure you have ads specifically designed to reach mobile users and convert them into paying clients.

  • Reach with Display Ads

    The third type of paid advertising we use, display ads are an affordable way to reach customers on almost any website. When they aren't using a search engine or social media platform, you need to use display ads to reach your customers.

  • Connect on Social Media

    With engaging posts and interactive conversations, we'll have you connecting with both long-established and prospective customers on all major social media platforms.

  • Go Viral with Video

    The internet's not still anymore. People are looking for content that moves -- videos that evoke their emotions. We've studied how to go viral with videos and have it down to a science. Let us make your company the next YouTube star.

  • Deliver with Design

    Reaching customers online doesn't matter unless you have a website that will convert leads into sales. That's why we offer website design services to complement our digital professional marketing efforts.


Our team at Ad-Gen knows what they’re doing, and does it well. When you partner with us, you’ll have a full team of professionals working to market your company online in a number of mediums. 

Many business owners have placed their companies in the competent, capable hands of our team, and they reaped the benefits of working with true digital marketing professionals. To see just what we might do for your company, contact us today.

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